Focal Theme: “Medical Education & Renaissance of Health Traditions in Bharatavarsha”

Bharata is re-emerging as a powerful nation in the world with a repository of unparalleled wisdom that shaped the ethos and value systems of this land based purely on Dharma. It has stood the test of time, withstanding all foreign invasions that repeatedly tried in various ways to disfigure and eradicate the eternal principles from the mindset of people of this land, Bharata. They did succeed in many ways by introducing educational, legal, administrative, political, religious and many other systems to suit their interests and benefits which diluted the culture and tradition of this land to a great extent, though our value systems  substantially contributed to many cultures of the world over the millennia.

Now, the time has come for the young Indians to re-search, revive and reintroduce their original culture and tradition and shed the colonial past. Yes, the time has come to look into the dying health traditions and hitherto unknown, neglected, misunderstood and overlooked aspects of health traditions of Bharatavarsha which will not only reshape and reconstruct the health of Bharata in the right direction but also re-design and restructure the entire universal health paradigms physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.

In this vast ocean of health traditions of Bharata, Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani and Siddhaas Shastras plays crucial role in the present volatile health scenario of the world. Hence, it is high time that we looked into our own traditional roots to unearth the true nature of our health traditions and to uphold the purity and authenticity, particularly AYUSH education that has undergone unprecedented upheavals which has affected the purity and practice of the systems as a whole today.

AYUSH study and practice is certainly at cross-roads, rather in a transition that needs immediate intervention and correction. This is also the time for AYUSH to advance and take the lead in health care when Western medicine is also facing serious problems with re-emerging infectious diseases in particular, with antibiotic resistant bacteria eroding the strongholds of Western medical system. The problems faced by Western medicine are many, including the inability to cure non-communicable diseases and disinterest of Western pharmaceutical companies in investing into new drug developments probably due to exorbitant costs, time consumed and also because of global financial crisis to name a few. The time has come for the truly learned AYUSH community to seriously look into the functioning of the AYUSH system as a whole today, analyze and evaluate the system for its merits and demerits, strengths and weakness and do a thorough research and analysis of the entire AYUSH system in practice today. The AYUSH community must build concrete steps to restructure AYUSH paradigms helping to address numerous health problems faced by mankind in particular all over the world for which Western medicine has no answer.

Once again, AYUSH must take the lead and make strong and real advancements in the field of health care with authentic, classical AYUSH study (Gurukulam and other Traditional Models) and practice to make inroads into sustainable, nature-friendly health care instead of sub-standard, unethical study and practice that is widely practiced in the country and abroad in the name of AYUSH today. It is high time our AYUSH writers, teachers and speakers stop mutilating AYUSH for satisfying the so called modern scientific community and the West by writing AYUSH books, teaching and preaching ‘scientifically’ and thereby destroying the real meaning and essence of the Shastras.

Here, the attempt is to go deep into varied aspects of AYUSH from its past, present and future contexts, offering an in-depth analysis and solutions, covering topics related to education, pharmacy, clinical practice, research, documentation and policies pertaining to AYUSH as a whole with an aim to reconstruct AYUSH paradigms truly and effectively. Apart from AYUSH, this conference is also an attempt to bring many hitherto unknown, lesser known, dying health traditions of Bharatavarsha to the main stream and for the medical students to experience the wealth of knowledge and wisdom hidden in these great health traditions from the masters in the respective fields.

This is particularly significant from an international perspective, as East and West come closer together. The West today is in various ways attempting to recoup and resurrect our traditional knowledge, such as Ayurveda and Yoga.  Western medicine is caught in a blind due to the dominance of the pharmaceutical companies and the persistence of chronic non-communicable diseases. In Bharata, the divorce with the spiritual and philosophical roots of AYUSH, particularly Ayurveda and Yoga has made space for a new westernized, commoditized Ayurveda and Yoga that ignores its own deep foundations. Before Ayurveda and Yoga gets recast as a new ‘Science’ that is globally intelligible, there must be a search that goes back to the roots of Ayurveda and Yoga. Thus in both contexts, the recouping of essential traditional foundations of Ayurveda and Yoga, in all realms of its practice and thought process, is the need of the hour.

7th - 9th December 2018

The philosophy, concepts and practical utility of Traditional Systems of Medicine in Bharata stand unchallenged even in the days of great advancement in medical sciences and technology. It reiterates its strength though only a part has been explored adequately so far. Although most of these concepts, principles and even the practices find mention in the literature from Vedic times, only a small part has been incorporated in the existing conventional academic activities of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM). Regretfully, the philosophy and principles of our rich health tradition are yet to be recognized properly even after sixty nine years of Independence. There are innumerable problems within the system that needs urgent scrutiny, particularly education. A big lacuna prevails in the area of clinical practice, research and development also. All these lead to the deterioration of our ever green health tradition getting eroded, misappropriated and even pirated. Moreover, in the new era of international Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime, our Traditional knowledge and Traditional cultural expressions face unrelenting challenges even from outside the boarders. This is due to the noncompliance of our national legal framework with that of the international protocols, particularly when the country became one of the signatories of World Trade Organization (WTO).

Based on the requests from the student and research community across Bharata and other parts of the World, an International Conference on ‘Conglomeration of Health Traditions in Bharatavarsha’ as part of ‘JIGNASA 2018’ for the medical students and research scholars in particular to understand and experience various streams of Health and Healing traditions in Bharatavarsha from 7th to 9th December 2018. There will also be a Conclave of Ayurveda vaidyas on 9th December. The Focal theme of the Conference will be “Medical Education & Renaissance of Health Traditions in Bharatavarsha”.

The conference will focus on providing a platform for medical students, budding vaidyas and health practitioners from all over Bharata to meet and interact with some of the best masters in the field. The programme is expected to be attended by more than 4000 students and research community from all over the World. The programme will be attended, observed, encouraged and guided by experts in the respective fields, International Agencies/Institutes/Individuals, National/State Government Departments, Universities, Colleges, Private Institutions, academicians, entrepreneurs, R&D institutions and various Government and private agencies and NGOs. The seminar technical papers/posters and exhibition stalls in the event will be evaluated by experts in the field and the best will be rewarded.

This three day conference will bring together some of the best Acharyas, Academicians, Researchers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, etc, from all over Bharata and abroad. It will be a great opportunity for the students to meet and interact with some of the best in the field of Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga in particular.



Main Speakers include:
    • Dr.B.M. Hegde
    • Dr.M.S.Valiathan
    • Dr.P.M.Varier
    • Dr.Rajesh Kotecha
    • Dr.Jayant Deopujari
    • Dr.David Frowley
    • Dr.Sanjiv.M.Oza
    • Dr.P.Ramaprasad
    • Dr.Robert Svoboda
    • Dr.B.R.Ramkrishna
    • Dr.Vasant Lad
    • Dr.Ranjith Puranik
    • Prof.(Dr.) P. Pushpangadan
    • Dr.Sachin Chaturvedi
    • Dr.P.R.Krishnakumar
    • Dr.T.S.Krishnakumar
    • Dr.P.Gopakumar
    • Dr.L.Mahadevan

Sub Themes
    • Analysis of the classical and oral health traditions in Bharatavarsha
    • Epistemological foundation of Bharatheeya vaidya and yoga Shastras 
    • Importance of Bharatheeya Shastras in understaning Bharatheeya vaidya Shastras
    • Contribution of Bharatheeya vaidya Shastras to other health traditions of the world
    • Global significance and contemporary relevance of Bharatheeya vaidya and yoga Shastras
    • Role of Bharatheeya vaidya and yoga Shastras in Public health management
    • Conventional AYUSH education – problems, perspectives and remedies
    • Advanced Research & Development in AYUSH systems
    • Application of Information and Communications Technology in AYUSH systems
    • Importance of Samskrtam in  learning Ayurveda and Yoga 
    • Restructuring Policies and Programmes for AYUSH systems – Perspectives

Main topics of the Conference

1.Nadi Shastra
2.Marma & Varmakalai
3.Netra Chikitsa
4.Visha Chikitsa
5.Medical Astrology
6.Yoga Shastra


Upholding the traditional value system of this land, we will be honouring the great masters of various health traditions of Bharata with due respects and gratitude.


‘Being with the master’ – an unique experience for the students to imbibe the great health traditions of Bharata live!

AYUSH intellectual conclaves

There will be many conclaves on the sidelines of the conference on various systems under AYUSH and uncodified/oral health traditions.

Friends of AYUSH

A platform for friends of AYUSH to foster friendship and to look for renewed paradigms and avenues for further advancement of AYUSH systems in Bharata and abroad.