5th - 9th December 2018        

Highlighting and Mainstreaming Traditional Systems of Medicine in Bharatavarsha particularly AYUSH in the management of Public health care is the need of the hour with escalating communicable and non communicable diseases all over the World. Keeping this in view, we are organizing this unique Public Health Exhibition on the sidelines of International Arogya Fair 2018 as part of this thought provoking and knowledge/wisdom disseminating ‘JIGNASA 2018’. This will showcase the diversity and significance of Traditional Systems of Medicine and healing practices in the entire Bharatavarsha and its role in Public health awareness and management. The participation in the International Arogya Fair 2018 include International Institutions/Communities/Individuals, Government departments, both Central and State, AYUSH colleges and clinics, traditional and tribal healers and clinics, NGOs, medical book stalls, health food stalls, medicinal plant nurseries and gardens and health related industries of national and international repute. Series of eminent talks, Teaching methods (eg. Gurukulam), Health and Healing disseminating models, Live healing practices & Techniques will be the highlights of the Arogya Fair. We expect to have more than 200 stalls to be visited by more than 30000 people every day.

Major attractions

Home Pavilion – AYUSH systems     

This will showcase the AYUSH systems for the students and general public at large to make them understand the richness and contemporary significance of traditional systems of medicine.

AYUSH Clinics 

This will show the strength of AYUSH systems in the management of health and disease conditions. The main attraction will be the live AYUSH clinics under one umbrella for the general public. The focus will be on Public health management.

Gurukulam/Teaching Models

This will showcase different Models of Education particularly Residential in Bharatavarsha. 
Traditional and Tribal healers
This will highlight the unique/specialty clinics and involving healers from across Bharata.
International Healing Techniques/Practices
Exhibition of Health and Healing Techniques and Practices from different parts of the World particularly South East Asia, Middle East and Far East.
Medicinal and aromatic plant gardens
Experience the live collection of tropical medicinal and aromatic plants of Western Ghats.
Health food stalls
Relinquish the exquisite cuisines and health drinks from the organic and naturopathy streams to redefine your healthy eating and drinking habits; the authentic way.
AYUSH products and services
This will showcase genuine and authentic AYUSH products and services from all over Bharata.
On the sidelines of the Exhibition and Expo, we will have exclusive programmes and meets to showcase and strengthen AYUSH systems in the country and abroad. Some of them are:
International Ayurveda & Yoga Meet
Current scenario of Ayurveda and Yoga - Education and Practise will be discussed. Prospects and Productive outcome will be the highlight.
Students Meet
Live discussion and debate on the current AYUSH education in Bharatha and abroad – Students Prespectives.
Environmentalists Meet
Nature, Ecology and Environment is an integral and important aspects of AYUSH systems – Live discussions.
Industry & Institutional Meet
Prospects, Problems, Perspectives and solutions of Institution and Industries will be discussed.
Documentary films/live theatre
Film shows pertaining to AYUSH systems and live theatre on public health awareness programme will be some of the major attractions of the Arogya Fair 2018.
Yoga and Kalari (Kerala martial art) demonstration
Every day, there will be Yoga and Kalari demonstrations on the sidelines of the Arogya Fair.
Cultural events
Everyday evening, there will be grand cultural events of International repute.
Media meet
Exclusive meets with the media persons particularly on Public health awareness and management utilizing AYUSH systems.
Politicians meet
Interactions and discussions with selected politicians on Policy matters related to Traditional Systems of Medicine and Public health management.
Bureaucrats meet
Interactions and discussions with selected bureaucrats of repute from Bharata and abroad.
Live Art Gallery
Demonstration of paintings, manuscripts, pictures, sketches, artefacts, etc. showcasing the diversity and richness of health traditions in Bharatavarsha and experience Live artistic creativity by Masters from across the World.